About Us

We may not be a big marketing agency with a fancy office but we are proud of our results, expertise and accountability. Our remote team is consisted of experts of all digital marketing fields, ready to take actions and answer your questions. We have over 9 years of experience building and growing digital brands. Our focusing area is online eCommerce, online marketplaces, Auto Industries and startups. 

Our passion for helping and growing digital brands gathered us together in Togo Lead. Also you have to notice from our logo that we are dog lovers and our #1 hero dog is Togo,  lead sled dog who ran in  1925 serum run to save lives in an epidemic.

Our Passion

Meet The Core Team

Arsalan Farhadkouhi
Co-Founder & Director
Mina Jafari
Co-Founder & Partner
Hossein Dan Esfahani
Business Development Manager