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David McGeough 🚀
David McGeough 🚀
VP of Marketing at Scorebuddy
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An excellent digital marketer, constantly ready to learn new skills and exhibit his enthusiasm for the digital world. Arsalan is well-versed in a wide range of digital marketing niches. When it comes to social media strategies, he is just as passionate as he is educated. He assisted to develop new, creative marketing strategies as well as assist with the execution of existing ones. Arsalan knows how to attract new customers because he understands what they need. He was well-liked by my team and co-contactors. , I’d highly recommend hiring Arsalan.
Emin Younan
Emin Younan
Founder at Routetitan
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We were lucky enough to work with Arsalan. He’s an experienced marketer who knows how to engage customers and create memorable experiences. Thanks to him, our team was able to make a real impact on our target audience. Highly recommend working with him!
Arvin Dastanboo
Arvin Dastanboo
Senior Digital Marketing Manager @Scorebuddy
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I have been working with Arsalan on several digital marketing projects and campaigns. Arsalan has proven his vast knowledge and skillsets in digital marketing like SEO, Content development, Social Media strategy, PPC and project management. I would highly recommend Arsalan to companies looking for a team player who always has something new on his hands to solve any complex digital marketing problem.

33X ROI with ABM Marketing, Content Marketing & Social Media

Scorebuddy, Founded in 2001 in Dublin, is a cloud-based All One Quality Assurance software platform for Contact Center professionals; used to Find, Fix and Measure quality issues resulting in a great customer experience and quantifiable results. 

How did we do it?

We exceeded their goals by targeting their ideal customer profile (ICP), delivering on their needs, and following up. 

Results of Scorbuddy's ABM efforts

  • 2,320 sign-ups;
  • 59% of them were net new accounts;
  • 234 sales-qualified opportunities;
  • 23 new customers immediately converted with LTV of over $100k each (normally a 9 to 12-month sales cycle).

What did we do?

We planned their content marketing for their ideal customer profile (ICP). Generate persona-based content for them for the funnel's top, middle, and bottom. 

We did the same for their social media and had 200% growth on their Linkedin page.

The rest was easy; with FB, Linkedin & Google ads retargeting, we pushed the audience through the content funnel. And the magic happened; when the sales reps approached the account, it wasn't cold at all, but the account had encountered us several times and knew the brand perfectly.


200% Growth in the Number of Qualified Leads

Routetitan is based in the Netherlands and offers next-generation fulfillment & delivery software for enterprises. They let you plan routes in seconds instead of hours. Save countless hours and fuel, increase on-time deliveries, see your task progress in real-time, and more. 

How did we do it?

We did thorough market research and found the best customer sectors to target. After that, with a proper content marketing, SEO & PPC plan, we acquired only the qualified visitors to Leads. And we didn't stop at that point; we ensured that even those leads were qualified enough for the sales team to approach.

Results of Routetitan's efforts

  • 1,040 sign-ups;
  • 134 sales-qualified opportunities;
  • 15 new customers converted with LTV of over $30k each

What did we do?

Everything started with thorough market research and finding their ideal customer sector to focus. So we wanted to do multichannel marketing and ensure we would get everyone. 

With the right SEO & content marketing channel and following up with a PPC, we over-delivered in 6 months and got 200% qualified leads.


53% Increase In Search Engine (SEO) Entries

Qpage is a leading application tracking system worldwide. With a right off-page strategy In 3 months we worked on their link-building and increase their domain authority from 10 to 15, which was resulted in 53% growth in site organic traffic.

250% Growth In User Base

Campus wash & fold is a U.S Based startup, just in on month we helped them to grow their user base with running Facebook & Google ads PPC campaign.


500% Growth In Revenue

Salvage King is an auto export company specialized in salvage title cars, based in the USA. In 6 months with a right digital marketing strategy, salvage king ecommerce faced 500% growth in revenue.

QA Logo

50% MoM Growth

QA Auction is an online auto dealer company specialized in online auto auctions, based in the USA. In 1 year we run an aggressive PPC campaign on FB & Google ads and reach to 50% MoM growth.

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60% More Conversion in Signups

Taskulu is a prominent project management platform. We optimize their landing pages and content which was lead into 60% improvement in number of signups.

1000% Growth In Social Media Followers

Snapp! is the largest ride-hailing app in the Middle East and a supper app with diverse services. In a one year plan their Instagram page grew from nothing to everything.


100% Growth In Number Of Orders

Otaghak is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world. With a right digital marketing strategy we grew their customer base.